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Weekday mornings on The Boss, tune in to hear our hilarious take on the entertainment news of the day with Van Camp and Morgan, it's The Who Cares News a Big Boss Show tradition. If you miss an episode live, don't worry, you can hear today's episode a few hours after it airs here on this page, or you can subscribe to receive each episode on your device via iTunes. No topic or celebrity is safe as John and Morgan tell it like you want it told. The Who Cares News weekdays on The Boss!
Ep 1073 WTF? Last night's Oscar ceremony was bloated, too long, and ended with a big 'ol surprise. And we're here to add our "Who Cares" spin on the biggest awards ceremony of the year. PLUS, the return of "Hashtag of The Day."
Ep. 1072 “The Rock” does something he’s never done before, and promises to “cheat” if ‘Moana’ wins the Oscar Sunday night. Plus, Tony Danza, perhaps the least likely critic of musicals, says ‘La La Land’ was just so-so. And some of the upcoming DWTS celebs have been slowly leaked announced and we “pity the fool” who made this celeb decision.
Ep. 1071 Wait to you get a load of what Mariah Carey REALLY thinks about the New Year’s Eve debacle in Times Square, yes, it’s still a thing. Plus Christina El Moussa and contractor-boy have called it quits, so she can focus on her kids new found fame as a celeb. And is there really a second sex tape of Kim out there?
Ep 1070 Divorce News Friday! A less that reputable source for real news and a terrific source for #FakeNews reports “exclusively” that Ben and Jenn are finally getting a divorce, but where’s the proof? Also, double standards abound for Jay-Lo and ex Marc Anthony on the Cougar issue. Could Marc be dating someone young enough to be his child? And the ElMousas are all smiles throughout because they need the money.
Ep. 1069 The Big Bang Theory is headed for a 2 year renewal just as soon as the ink is dry on the actors’ contracts, which means 40 more years of reruns! Kate Upton shocked the modeling world this week when she got not one but all three covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, her third time on the cover. And Regis Philbin was chatting with Larry King last night, and Larry got him to spill the beans on why he left “Live”.
Ep. 1068 Scarlett Johannson says being monogamous is hard work, and she knows from personal experience. Plus nudes return to Playboy after a one-year experiment of just articles. Well, the long wait is over, “Carpool Karaoke” is ready for its series launch on Apple Music. And do you remember “Hot Mug Shot Guy”? He’s got a new gig.
Ep 1067 Mariah Carey returns to television to botch another live performance tomorrow night, set your DVR for the impending train wreck. Also, Tori Spelling seems to have won over her Mom again by being pregnant with baby number 5. And Nick Cannon sticks his foot in his mouth on Facebook, it will cost him.
Ep. 1066 Adele breaks her Grammy in half, Beyonce must have been mortified. Plus SNL enjoys record ratings with Alec Baldwin, plus could Kanye, Lamar and Scott be planning a new tell-all series to rival their famous women?