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Weekday mornings on The Boss, tune in to hear our hilarious take on the entertainment news of the day with Van Camp and Morgan, it's The Who Cares News a Big Boss Show tradition. If you miss an episode live, don't worry, you can hear today's episode a few hours after it airs here on this page, or you can subscribe to receive each episode on your device via iTunes. No topic or celebrity is safe as John and Morgan tell it like you want it told. The Who Cares News weekdays on The Boss!
Ep. 1297 That Time at Band Camp. William Shatner is still here Facebook.  Jennifer Garner band geeks this week and Popeye's Chicken to the rescue!
Ep. 1296 Woodwork...Here They Come. Fred Savage joins Ryan Seacrest's club. Rod Stewart talks about how he really feels and Owen Wilson knows how to clear a room.
Ep. 1295. You Know I Want To Host, Right? Lindsay Lohan has work, Trading Spaces is back and Justin Bieber stepping out!
Ep. 1294 Happy Vernal Equinox. Chrissy Teigen wants a bigger butt. Prince Harry got more inheritance and Steven Spielberg has announced shooting date for yet another sequel.
Ep. 1293. Can't Get Arrested, even on St. Patrick's Day. New York's finest eateries are re-thinking their wall decor. Harry and Meghan, no pre-nup? And Ben Affleck's buddy is staying put!
Ep. 1292 Celtic thunder and that water dance thing. Matt Damon is leaving town, actually, the country. Justin attends a premier, after party and church all in a week's time. And Kim has a weird clause in her will.
Ep. 1291 Peaches! Jeopardy contestant outed! Plus J-Lo discusses J-Rod in the latest Harper's Bazaar and Katy Perry Kissed a Boy and he didn't like it, the fallout.
Ep. 1290 It's National Pi Day! American Idol and The Voice go head to head and we've got the results. Candy Spelling is no fan of Tori's hubs and Nicholas Cage crosses another item off his bucket list.
Ep. 1289  It Never Rains in Southern California, except today. Richard Simmons must pay, Momager has named her favorite child and Justin and Selena are having trust issues.
Ep. 1288 Take a Nap!  Donna and Kelly are coming back soon to a TV near you! American Idol premiered last night, Katy kissed a boy and she liked it! And OJ confesses, sort of.
Ep. 1287. Is There a Daylight Savings Time Strain? This episode is up in smoke! Plus Teri Hatcher makes the WCN and what's with Emma Watson's bangs?