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Weekday mornings on The Boss, tune in to hear our hilarious take on the entertainment news of the day with Van Camp and Morgan, it's The Who Cares News a Big Boss Show tradition. If you miss an episode live, don't worry, you can hear today's episode a few hours after it airs here on this page, or you can subscribe to receive each episode on your device via iTunes. No topic or celebrity is safe as John and Morgan tell it like you want it told. The Who Cares News weekdays on The Boss!
Ep. 1095 Is Corey just hanging around for the money? Rumor has it that Momager may be ready to kick him to the curb. Plus, not everybody is happy about Michael Strahan being at GMA. And Johnny Depp is firing back at his former management team that failed to file his taxes 16 years in a row…who’s fault is that, really?
Ep. 1094 It’s National “On A Stick” day! Yeah, that’s going to be special. Plus, is Kanye in talks with NBC to reboot American Idol? Coachella festival goers have an “Oasis” to look forward to, just in time for 4/20. And how much more can we take of Christina ElMoussa?
Ep. 1093 Big News! Kim reveals she wants to have another baby…with Kanye. Plus, exclusive news about “Young Sheldon” the spin off of “The Big Bang Theory.” And Happy 70th Birthday Sir Elton John! He threw a bash Saturday night and half of Hollywood was there, the other half was on video. And John riffs about his visit to the Warner Bros. Studio over the weekend.
Ep. 1092 Where were we yesterday? No Who Cares News explained. Plus “Where in the World is Taylor Swift?” Do we need to start a “Missing” podcast? And Christina ElMoussa smokes out all the haters with a smokin’ hot bikini shot on Instagram. And Marc Anthony has a new, and by new we mean barely legal girlfriend.
Ep. 1091 Our little review of “Home Town” and the guy’s awesome beard. Plus Brad Pitt is sculpting his troubles away, suppose that’s better than drinking them away. Speaking of drinking, Ellen fell and injured her finger whilst carrying two glasses of wine. And, once again, Richard Simmons is NOT missing, but apparently has an awesome beard too.
Ep. 1090 Say it ain’t so Woody Harrelson? What’s this all about you hanging up your bong? Plus Rhianna was on “Bates Motel” last night, do we know her fate? (hint: The Ship Sinks). And it’s official, “The Big Bang Theory” has been renewed through Season 12.
Ep 1089 The Young Sheldon pilot has been ordered, Jim Parsons will not only Exec Produce but will also play a role in The Big Bang Theory spin off. Plus, we can sleep again safely, because Tom Brady’s missing jersey has been uncovered by the FBI. And Richard Simmons is still not leaving the house.
Ep. 1088 SNL is finally going to be “Live” for real, look out NBC censors! Plus the robberies just keep on coming for the Kardashians, this time, it’s Kendall that’s missing baubles and beads. And Prince Wills and Duchess Kate step out in public together for the first time since Will’s “guys-only” weekend bash in the Alps.
Ep. 1087 Mom says: “STOP taking Naked Selfies!” Another round of cloud-worthy, unauthorized photos have surfaced and lawyers have swung into action. Did you watch James Corden last night? Check out “Crosswalk Musical” on line today. And TV chef bad-boy Anthony Bourdain was broke until he started getting debt free.
Ep. 1086 Life Coach anyone? Maybe it’s just damage control but the El Moussas have met with a Life Coach this week. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, it has been revealed, is out of rehab…didn’t know he was three? And Mama June is showing off her new figure and letting us know who paid for it.
Ep. 1085 J.Lo posts and deletes. What does she want us to see, but not really?? And how’s her “getaway” with A-Rod working out? Plus Prince Wills is under scrutiny for missing church this weekend, and the reason is pretty substantial. And Marky Mark is about to hit pay dirt with AT&T, meanwhile John is showing he has a man crush on Mark.
Ep. 1084 Ready to take a little “J-cation?” Apparently “J-Rod” are already ahead of us in the Bahamas. Plus America’s Got Talent got a new host for season 12. And are Miley and Liam married or is it just Billy Ray going off (there he goes again).
Ep. 1082 We have a special guest today on the show, welcome Rich Appel from “That Thing with Rich Appel.” Dean McDermott is a deadbeat dad and has hours to avoid jail time. Plus we examine the whole J-Rod thing and Scott Dissick is a what?
Ep. 1081. The Olsen twins are apparently too busy screwing over interns at their fashion house to return to Fuller House, they still got off easy. And, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are seeing each other, so we are wondering, what do you get when you cross a J-Lo with an A-Rod? Plus NBC is panicked! SO much so they brought Savannah Guthrie in four whole days early from her maternity leave because of big ratings losses to GMA. Who’s laughing at Michael Strahan now?