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Weekday mornings on The Boss, tune in to hear our hilarious take on the entertainment news of the day with Van Camp and Morgan, it's The Who Cares News a Big Boss Show tradition. If you miss an episode live, don't worry, you can hear today's episode a few hours after it airs here on this page, or you can subscribe to receive each episode on your device via iTunes. No topic or celebrity is safe as John and Morgan tell it like you want it told. The Who Cares News weekdays on The Boss!
Ep. 1170 It’s National Scotch Day, need we say more? Angelina has a struggle, and it’s real. Plus Justin Beiber involved in another accident and have you seen Kate Hudson lately?!?! .
Ep. 1169 Christina El Moussa needs a pick up or van. Plus, more hot water for the Jenner sisters, who can’t seem to keep stealing copyrights. And Chris Harrison PROMISES us that the Bachelor in Paradise trouble will be discussed, soon.
Ep. 1168 The NFL predictions are out for 2018, who will win the Super Bowl? Plus Christie Brinkley has a problem that needs working out. The fan uproar over Discovery Channel’s Shark Week opener is just ridiculous when you think about it. And John Mayer is coming to Justin Beiber’s defense.
Ep. 1167 It’s Shark Week! Plus, Justin Beiber Banned in an effort to “purify” the performance environment. Tarek El Moussa talks about his boat and A-Rod are celebrating in Miami, probably with lots of hair-care products.
Ep. 1166 National Fast Food Day time for Jack In The Box Tacos!!!! It is also Free Juice Friday! What, too soon? Johnny Depp’s former management team wants to collect and if you wondered how Jessica Alba can look so good, get ready to open your wallet.
Ep. 1165. Breaking News in The American Idol front. Plus we’re all awaking the verdict of the OJ Parole hearing later today and no one will care what Jada Pinkett-Smith is complaining about.
Ep. 1164 National Hot Dog day! The new Broadway show “1984” takes its toll, on J-Law. Madonna’s panties are for sale and Yound Sheldon’s Mee-Maw has been revealed.
Ep. 1163 Taco Tuesday and a “roe” about National Caviar day. Is Leah Remini, the darling of TV? Congratulations to all the Hollywood pregnancies today, and what’s up with Ed Sheerhan and his Twitter account today?
Ep. 1162. It’s palindrome day today, and a big weekend in LA including Disneyland’s birthday today. There’s more trouble for young Justin Beiber this weekend. Plus, fallout from the Game of Thrones premier last night and a new Doctor Who is coming, it’s not winter, but it’s coming.
Ep. 1061 Trader Joe’s is rationing! You might be ok though. Goop is coming under fire for “pseudoscience” which we think is akin to fake news. The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, and we’ll tell you how we really feel. And the Fixer Upper nightmare continues and you won’t believe who is profiting.
Ep. 1160 Have you ever snorted…chocolate? Alec Baldwin confides in a total stranger on a flight from LA to New York and we’ve got the deets. Plus who do you think would take her entire brood to Disneyland yesterday? And Rob is apologizing…not to Chyna but to his fam.
Ep 1159 It’s National Pecan Pie Day today. Did Blac Chyna violate her agreement with the Kardashian family? Plus how do you keep a relationship quite for years in Hollywood? Ask Keifer Sutherland. And our National Nightmare Continues, the latest on Ben-dsay (trademark, copyright The Who Cares News).
Ep. 1158 It’s Amazon Prime Day, a great day to buy a toothbrush. Morgan has a capital idea to accomplish that. Paris Jackson was caught holding hands with an older man. Our new National Nightmare is upon us, Jen knew, she knew. And the Beckhams are bending backwards to quash the backlash over daughter Harper’s birthday.
Ep. 1157 Fixer Upper residents not happy with the neighborhood and Saturday night they got a surprise visit from the bar across the street. There’s nothing new about Ben Affleck’s latest romance. Plus Kylie and Kendall aren’t out of the woods yet and two people are returning to the next James Bond movie.