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We've brought together the greatest mix of Boss Jocks from around the globe to play the Boss Hits for you. Hundreds of years experience on the air in cities across the country too: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and even Fresno. That's right, Fresno! Every Boss Jock has been on the air for decades and, in most cases, "lived" this music during its heyday. We're excited to have perhaps the fullest complement of DJs for any internet only radio station, and definitely the best!


Van Camp

Mon-Fri 6am - 9am Pacific

John hails from Central California and has been on the air since 1976 when he finished junior high (ok, it was a bit after that, but close) and was around for the end of Boss Radio in the 1980s. For the past 20+ years, he's been a resident of Boss Angeles, and an internet radio pioneer. He hosts "The Big Boss Show" every weekday morning from the "Home of Boss Radio."

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Mon-Fri 9am - 12 noon Pacific

Bob comes to The Boss by way of the San Francisco Bay Area, as do many of our Boss Jocks. Bob grew up in Boss Angeles and was in television production and a DJ here for several years before landing in Northern California. Bob is an alum of the world famous KSFO in San Francisco and KLIV in San Jose, CA (the old stomping grounds for Mister Smooth Peter B). When Bob isn't busy being a Boss Jock, he's a professional photographer and hosts week-long photography adventures for enthusiasts in Italy.

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Mon-Fri Noon - 3pm Pacific

Born and raised in Monterey, California, Dean started radio in 1987 at KWAV 97FM (it was also the station where he met John Van Camp!). Dean has worked primarily in the Monterey-Salinas market (KOCN/KDON/KTOM/KRQC/KCDU) as a Production Director and DJ at these stations. Dean also did middays at KABX-FM in Merced in 2000 where he was christened “Cousin Dean.” He also did mornings at “Oldies Radio” AM 1200 KYAA in Monterey. When not working at Boss Boss Radio, Dean’s a driver with the Monterey Airbus and is also a limo driver.

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The insane
darrell wayne

mon-fri 3pm - 6pm
Sun 5pm - 9pm Pacific

Darrell started in broadcasting in 1972 in Southern California at KEZY in Anaheim. He worked at various Boss Angeles rock stations throughout the 70s, including Drake-Chenault Radio Syndication, the folks behind the launch of Boss Radio! He eventually became the Program Director and on-air host at “World Famous” KROQ in Los Angeles. Today, in addition to being a Boss Jock, Darrell owns K-Tahoe radio in Lake Tahoe, as well as several syndicated rock radio shows every week.

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Peter B
mister smooth

Mon-Fri 6pm - 10pm Pacific

Peter has been in radio for more than a few years, breaking in to the business in San Jose CA, then to Sacramento, Spokane, Seattle and Salt Lake City, before Bossing your nighttime from "Boss-Francisco." Peter is also available for hire as the voice of your commercial or corporate presentation, more info at Peter's Voice Over Site.

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Mon-Fri 10pm - 2am Pacific

Hang out with Bill on the Nightshift. From the late night hours to the early morning, Bill keeps you company and plays The Greatest Boss Hits of All Time! Bill has been up and down the dial for over 5 decades! Now Bill is on the air in Houston Texas most days, and every night you can hear him on The Boss! We're honored that Bill chose The Boss as his latest radio home!

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Mon-Fri 2am - 6am Pacific

It's Breakfast with Big Mike from Eastern Canada, where he is taking the Boss to a whole new audience! Early morning Boss for Breakfast in Eastern America and Canada, Big Mike gets you up and at 'em!

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Sunday 10am - 1pm Pacific

Raechel is in the Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Broadcasting) for the contributions she made to "free-form" FM radio, in fact, she is credited with being one of the creators of the format. Up and down the dial, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CNN, Sirius/XM, Raechel has quite the pedigree for radio. Now Raechel hails from Northern France, where she's been living for a couple of years and Boss-casts her show from there every week!

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Sat 1pm - 4pm Pacific

Rockin' Rog hails from Central California, where he and John Van Camp worked at a number of stations together. Not only is Rog a Boss Jock, he's also the voice of the station, that guy who you hear saying "Now That's Boss!" Rog currently lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California and keeps the weekend rockin' with Boss hits! Roger is also available for hire as the voice of your commercial or corporate presentation, more info at Roger's Voice Over Site.

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Saturday Night In The USA 4pm - Mid Pacific

Texas Panhandle Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee, Jamey Karr has been in radio since he was 14. In and around Texas and New Mexico (he grew up about 30 minutes from El Paso) Jamey has been entertaining folks for more than 40 years. Currently, he’s the Operations Manager of a radio station cluster in Amarillo where he’s been broadcasting for more than 15 years. Here at the Boss, Jamey is our “rock” as he’s filled in for every shift. He’s also the producer and host of “Saturday Night In The USA” our 60s and 70s “Party” every weekend.

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Who Cares News

"Producer" Morgan started on The Boss as a helper for the Big Boss Show, and has evolved into co-host of the mega-popular "Who Cares News" weekday mornings with John Van Camp. She's also a Boss Jock, working weekends, and fill-ins since 2013, a real staple at The Boss.

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35 years in the business has honored Mark with R&R’s Radio Station of The Year award for his work as Program Director, and with NAB Crystal and Marconi Awards. Growing up Mark was fascinated with radio, so much so that when one of the nation’s top disc jockeys that just so happened to be on his paper route advised him to stay out of the business, Mark chose to ignore the advice. He hasn’t looked back since. Mark enjoys cooking, eating out, golf, and all other outdoor activities, including riding in a convertible on a warm sunny day with the top down and Boss Boss Radio blaring loud!

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Matt began his radio career in Monterey, CA on legendary KMBY. Over the years he was on the air in Salt Lake City, Ventura, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach and finally back on Boss Boss Radio, where Matt was part of the charter group of Boss Jocks when we launched in 2012. Now retired and living in Bakersfield, Matt is a proud Papa and Granddad..

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Sara was raised among cows and cornfields in Northern Illinois. As such her first radio gig was doing the Farm News in Rock Falls, IL. Soon, though, she started playing the hits and worked throughout Illinois and Iowa. She landed in Madison, Wisconsin where the appeal of cheese curds and good beer have made her right at home on the air there for the past few decades. .

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Occasional Weekends

Tammy was born and raised in the shadow of Boss Angeles. She has been informing and entertaining radio listeners on the LA airwaves for over 3 decades. Although she's won numerous awards including several of the coveted Golden Mikes, among the major highlights of her career was broadcasting with iconic Boss Jocks The Real Don Steele and Robert W. Morgan. Tammy has performed with many of the bands heard on Boss Boss Radio, including Al Wilson, Ron Dante (of The Archies), Alan O'Day, Andy Kim, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods and the Ohio Express. She runs the merchandising website

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that thing with
rich appel

Sundays 7am - 10am pacific

From the Chestnut Cabaret comes That Thing with Rich Appel, three hours of the best classic hits, plus the week's celebrity birthdays, the world's shortest countdown, retro commercials, jingles and more. Join Rich for a wild ride every weekend, here on The Boss

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nothing but old 45s
with larry kratka

Sundays 6am - 7am pacific

The rare and novel, and plenty of one-hit wonders from from the 60s and 70s and even some late 50s too. Larry plays real 45 RPM records from his collection, you might even be able to hear occasional scratches and pops too!

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