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Weekday mornings on The Boss, tune in to hear our hilarious take on the entertainment news of the day with Van Camp and Morgan, it's The Who Cares News a Big Boss Show tradition. If you miss an episode live, don't worry, you can hear today's episode a few hours after it airs here on this page, or you can subscribe to receive each episode on your device via iTunes. No topic or celebrity is safe as John and Morgan tell it like you want it told. The Who Cares News weekdays on The Boss!
Ep. 1116 Kourtney Kardashian has a big butt, and needs a geography lesson. Plus Angelina Jolie is moving closer to Brad, since she’s tired of driving the brood around LA. And J. Lo warms up the Billboard Latin Awards with her ever-revealing outfits.
Ep. 1115. Kim is on Ellen today…yay. She’s apparently talking about the robbery, we’re wondering if this is the first thing she’s been on, besides KUTWK, since the robbery? Yesterday was the day to be at Disneyland and riding Pirates of the Caribbean, because a certain Cast Member was part of the ride too. And Lady Gaga’s Crash Pad for Coachella is on the block, wanna buy it?
Ep. 1113 Shock heard ‘round the globe last night on DWTS (Spoiler alert) PLUS Oops-a-Nanny with a twist for Mel B. and Flip or Flop news and Chris Pratt discusses being famous and how he interacts with fans who recognize him.
Ep. 1112 Richard Simmons emerges, sort of. Plus Tobey McGuire and half of Hollywood's elite party with his ex on Saturday.  And Kathy Griffin is babysitting, that's probably not good for the kids.
Ep. 1111 Happy 4-20! OK, you can stick him with a fork, Bill O’Reilly is done. Plus Richard Simmons is NOT missing, still, he even released a statement saying so and a three year old photo for proof. And you won’t believe what Christina El Moussa wants to continue doing “Flip or Flop.”
Ep. 1110 Julia Roberts is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, again. Plus Blake Lively says the internet is not nice. Kim has a get thin-quick diet idea and Amanda Bynes is being pursued, but this time, not by the police.
Ep. 1109 Nothing like partying with the ex…and your new boyfriend at the same party, J. Lo is a indeed all that and a bag of chips. Plus, Drake’s house was broken into and you won’t believe what the burglar took. And Ben is NOT dating, yet, but we have the latest on his split with Jen.
Ep. 1008 Coachella was this weekend, and concert goers could be in a movie! Plus, Tori and Dean woke up to an empty bank account and did Mel B. and Simon Cowell do the nasty? Stephen Belafonte says yes.
Ep. 1106 BREAKING NEWS, sort of. Jenn and Ben have officially filed for divorce, what's it going to cost? Plus Brad Pitt is being "stalked" by he exes and Blake Lively shares a sweet story about how much of a jokester her hubby Ryan Reynolds can be.
Ep. 1106 Egads! They’ve been hacked! Find out who are the latest celebs to have their nekkid pics leaked. Plus Tori Spelling thinks having a sixth kid is a good idea, trouble is she may be the only one. And we talk about Flip or Flop’s future.>