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Beeb Birtles founder of The Little River Band on The Boss

Founder of The Little River Band, Beeb Birtles, talked with John Van Camp on the air about his background, the forming of LRB and what he’s up to now. The Little River Band was the most successful Australian rock band from the mid 70s until the early 80s, the first to earn a US Gold Record. Beeb talks about his first bands Zoot (with Rick Springfield) and Mississippi, and how he and Graeham Goeble and Glenn Shorrock came together to record that fantastic harmony that was LRB.

The Little River Band name was lost to a later member and the three main LRB voices were not allowed to use the name after the early 2000s. Today’s LRB is really more akin to a tribute band of the original as there are no original members any longer in the band.

Thanks to Boss Boss Radio Rich Dudas, super LRB fan for connecting us with Beeb.